Farmers can save crops without pesticides. And they can earn more in the deal. sopan joshi records a great change sweeping through Andhra Pradesh. It’s called non-pesticidal

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The world s third largest seed company files patents for public funded rice research

This story reminds one of the Hollywood blockbuster of the 1960s that changed the way many people looked at birds. Gigantic flocks of the quela quela (Quelea quelea) bird have attacked rice and maize

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The armyworm has devastated crops in several provinces of Pakistan. Sindh is plagued by the pest, which has damaged 25 per cent of the rice crop and a substantial part of the banana crop. Even as

It could help the Indian farmer manage risks better. If it works

Rice the staple food of 65 per cent of India s population is in for a revolution. An Indian firm has developed a technique to develop genetically modified GM hybrids of the crop. If the method is given a green signal by the officials, then rice may