If the current trend towards genetic uniformity in rice varities continues, our food security will be severely imperilled

A major rice variety in Bangladesh is being threatened by drought. "Our hopes for a quick

A seeder, which can simultaneous sow and provide manure to the crops, has been developed. The machine, put together by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, has two ground wheels, two skids

Scientists in Manila develop a high yielding variety of rice

Even though farmers all over the world fear that grain yields are plateauing, Yuan Longping, the director of the National Hybrid Rice Research and Development Centre in Hunan Province, China says

India is losing the pride of many a pulao

Vietnamese farmers are going through a

Pakistan has decided to lodge a formal complaint with the United States Patents Office against a patent given to a US firm, RiceTec Inc. on a premium rice brand originating in the Indian

Yields from the rice-wheat cropping system in the Indo-Gangetic plain are declining despite the increasing use of chemical fertilizers. Crop residues are important components of soil fertility management, but are burnt in some areas such as Punjab state.

Thailand threatens to take the US to the WTO for allowing a Texas based company to use "jasmati" as a trademark for a variety of rice