Yields from the rice-wheat cropping system in the Indo-Gangetic plain are declining despite the increasing use of chemical fertilizers. Crop residues are important components of soil fertility management, but are burnt in some areas such as Punjab state.

Thailand threatens to take the US to the WTO for allowing a Texas based company to use "jasmati" as a trademark for a variety of rice

•Haryana is in the grip of a severe drought. The principal Kharif crops such as jowar, bajra and gawar have been totally destroyed. Paddy and sugarcane crops have suffered a serious setback in

Thai farmers and activists object to a US company s use of the name Jasmati for a rice variety

A non-governmental organisation has moved the Supreme Court, asking the government to challenge a patent given

A US company has acquired the patent to what it claims is a new variety of basmati rice

Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, Chennai, has launched a high yielding rice variety, called

Pakistan's rice exports will get a boost with the imminent reduction of the involvement of parastatals, following a recent merger of Rice Export Corporation and the Trading Corporation. Now, the

Agro-scientists at West Bengal government's rice research station have developed four high-yielding rice varieties which will increase current levels of yield by an average of 30 per cent. While the

The Karnataka High Court recently awarded damages worth Rs 21,000 to a petitioner Muniswamy Gowda, who had accused a rice milling industry of damaging his health. The court ordered the state