the Central government has decided to file a petition in the us court challenging the patent for basmati rice granted to a company there that exports it to different countries. The

Over the years, the use of bio-

a strain of genetically modified (gm)

To meet the power demands of rice mills, a small-scale unit based

Scientists have genetically-engineered a variety of rice that could end vitamin A deficiency in developing countries. The deficiency results in blindness. Researchers at the International Rice

Employing ducks in the paddy field heralds an era of prosperity for farmers in Japan, and in time worldwide

the super-fine and high-yielding variety of raw rice, BB2 5204, evolved at the Babatala Research Station in Andhra Pradesh, is now being cultivated in an area of about 810 hectares in

The flowering of the bamboo is bad news for the people in Mizoram

The water crisis in Shahdadkot and Mirokhan villages in Pakistan has worsened posing serious threats to the rice crop. In almost all the villages, farmers carrying dried rice seeds disputed the

A hybrid variety of paddy suitable for Bangladesh's environment will be developed in the next two