crisis tided over: The dispute over seasonal fishing in the reserved forestland of Jambudwip island in West Bengal (see: Out of bounds, February 28, 2003) may be resolved in the near future. An

orissa might well be at the receiving end of one of Chhattisgarh chief minister Ajit Jogi s pre poll sops meant to benefit his own states s forest dwellers

Under the Joint Forest Management (JFM) programme in south-western West Bengal, regenerating deciduous forests are being managed for the extraction of numerous plant products, both for commercial benefits and subsistence-level use, on a large scale.

Government washes its hands off the Van Taungiyas of UP

Pine culture has altered the Himalayan landscape with disastrous effect on its fragile ecology

Sal borer has affected 3 million trees. Experts warn of an epidemic

The Union environment and forest ministry has issued a notification to constitute a special body to assess the loss to the forest wealth of the Madhya Pradesh (MP) due to the recent sal borer

Eleven lakh sal trees face the axe in order to exterminate a beetle that is boring a hole into the image of the forest bureaucracy

The sal heartwood borer

The white-bearded, wiry Baiga tribal of Chada village in Mandla is a sad man. " Dukh to hota hai, per kuch kar bhi nahi sakte " (It hurts, but we cannot do anything about it), he says helplessly.