The debate about best policies for GI has been a long and unfinished one hed one. This article goes into the fundamental issues and provides two complementary perspectives. Firstly, policies about GI in a nation are con are controlled by the very nature of its governance.

Michael Crichton popularized fiction where science went wrong His admirers included US President George W Bush. The Sunday Telegraph called him an entertainment industry powerhouse. His collaborator in films, Steven Spielberg, regarded Michael Crichton as an inspired visionary who, time and again,

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One Japanese and two American scientists share the Chemistry Nobel for the discovery and development of green fluorescent protein.

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Last week, India's Department of Biotechnology announced that it was teaming up with the Wellcome Trust on a 5-year, $140 million program to support up to 375 scientists in all stages of their careers.

Glaring gaps in Gangotri glacial melt study Science seems to have been the casualty in the study on glacial retreat in Gangotri, source of the Ganga. The Uttarakhand government had commissioned a study to an expert committee in 2006. The committee came out with a report in December 2007, which scientists said was dated and This site under review contains at least one exemplar of all known Charles Darwin

The rise of creationism in the uk to the point where four out of 10 people in the country believe it to be the literal truth

India is losing its budding scientists to other professions. Latest figures show that few students are taking up pure sciences, despite government's effort and incentives to make science more popular. A latest study, commissioned by Department of Science and Technology revealed that while percentage of students taking up pure sciences remains static at 21, there is an increase of 17 per cent in job opportunities in the field.