N.R. Narayana Murthy

While India is uniquely positioned to use technology for progress, it has in the recent past lagged behind in the quality and spread of science research. The need for a strong science eco-system based on a sound research foundation has an integral connect with India

This report is the result of the effort to highlight the use of scientific and technical knowledge as an essential foundation for disaster risk reduction, and to make recommendations on key issues and priorities, including ways that specialist scientific and technical information can be more effectively adopted and put into practice.

A LOT of people who write on ecology do so with an unsaid assumption. That people in the past lived in sync with nature till industrialization and modernity disrupted this harmony. Some people

The problem of desertification sits at the interface of environmental and developmental concerns. In this article, we examine the institutional relationship between desertification science and policy through focus on the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and its subsidiary body, the Committee on Science and Technology.

The threat posed by climate change is all too real, but some of the solutions are all in the mind. That's the message from work in the field known as conservation psychology, which is beginning to show how people can be encouraged to change their lifestyles to cut greenhouse gas emissions. (Editorial)

Since the Industrial Revolution, the acidity of the world

Documentary>>Poison on the Platter

DAM Turkey to go ahead without aid Turkey decided to go ahead with the construction of the US $1.68 billion Ilisu dam project even after credit agencies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland withdrew from the project. In December 2008, the three governments suspended funds claiming Turkey did not fulfill certain criteria including research into the biological diversity of the

Japan has long claimed that it catches whales to further science, but this is nonsense, say Nichola Raihani and Tim Clutton-Brock.

The Lives of Ants by Laurent Keller and Elisabeth Gordon,Oxford University Press, USA, $28 Since time immemorial, ants have captivated human beings. With numerous black-and-white images and eight pages of colour plates, the book depicts a world full of surprises, one which, even after decades of observation, is still replete with unsolved mysteries. Unfreedom and Waged Work: