We live in a world that is more interconnected - and more vulnerable - than ever before. The fallout from the banking crisis was worldwide. Concerns about infectious diseases have risen and fallen in the public's consciousness, and while no catastrophic pandemic has yet hit us, it is clear that preventive measures require global monitoring and cooperation.

This essay seeks to understand the place that modern science occupied in Periyar

International climate policy has been set back by the failure to achieve a strong and legally binding agreement at the United Nations


Europe's food safety watchdog on 25 February issued a scientific mass-verdict on more than 400 so-called health claims, the promises that food producers make on their labels and in advertisements, rejecting purported health benefits of a raft of substances.

The science and technology com- mittee said the therapy is not effi- cacious or, it does not work beyond the placebo effect
British MPs have restarted the controversial debate on the efficacy of homeopathy after a House of Commons committee advised the government to stop funding homeopathy treatments on the National Health Service as there is no scientific proof that it works.

CHENNAI: Top scientists from international agricultural institutes are heralding a new system of farming based on using fertilizer trees to increase crop yield.

The new system, which was inspired by small time farmers in Africa who grew the Acacia, could provide a solution to dwindling paddy production in India and will help mitigate climate change, they say.

R.K. Pachauri

THE 97TH Indian Science Congress is in session at Thiruvananthapuram (January 3 to 7, 2010), the capital of the state of Kerala.

The Copenhagen climate change meeting needs to make decisions on the structures and institutional arrangements to fund and deliver climate change adaptation (CCA) at the international level, and mechanisms to integrate CCA principles and approaches into developing country policy processes.