This term was first coined in 2001 by a UN panel of experts investigating the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since 1998, timber there has helped fund a conflict that has killed around 4 million people. The volume of wood removed by rebel factions, companies and government-armed forces of neighbouring countries is so great that in neighbouring Uganda the market price halved. The UN panel found that the conflict was self-perpetuating: each party had interests in its continuation.

Does the style of conserving forests currently dominant in India require an overhaul? Yes, say state governments and affected people. ruksan bose examines an alternative a notion and a practice slowly gaining ground in the

status: Five per cent of the state's forests are degrading every year potential: Regeneration of the degraded forests can create 120 million humandays of employment strategy: Open up the

Kashmir s economy is nothing but a sensitive and organised use of its ecology. After 15 years of living under the shadow of the gun, finally, when hope is making a comeback in the state, Kashmir will have to turn to its immense environmental resources to

Afterwards, an eerie silence envelops the field. There is only the crop

Timber smugglers in Orissa are catching them young. They have targeted schoolchildren from economically weaker sections to carry out their dubious activities. The Nayagarh district police recently

Trees take centrestage in Himachal Pradesh

How tribals are conned out of their timber

Are the recent eviction drives misdirected?
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Summons issued in khair wood allotment case in Himachal Pradesh