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Even as there is interest among youths and professionals in city to ride bicycles, the government has drawn flak for not promoting the 'green' transport. Lack of adequate cycle tracks and encroachments on existing tracks have been a cause of concern, experts said.

"Government should spread awareness about cycle tracks and properly maintain existing ones. The cycle tracks should be made free from encroachment," said Bhrugu Mishra, co-founder of Bepara Foundation Trust (BFT), a voluntary organization, which promotes cycling.

A PIL has been filed at Calcutta High Court against the ban on cycles from 174 Kolkata thoroughfares.

Director of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) Sunita Narain emphasized the need for promoting bicycle as a means of transport in cities in a big way to tackle the problem of air pollution, a

Chinese government in collaboration with Capital Development Authority (CDA) would construct 44 kilometres cycling track in Islamabad.

Efforts to manage Canadian cities through smart growth policies emphasize the importance of integrated public transit system and bicycle-transit integration. The goal of this paper is to review the impact of planning policies that promote utilitarian cycling on the provision of bicycle facilities (pathways, bikeways and parking) in Calgary. The focus is on new suburban communities built since the 1990s, where new policies and standards affecting cycling have been implemented.

With the increased recognition that bicycling is a sustainable transportation mode choice, there is a continued interest in understanding how the built environment affects bicyclist travel behavior. Research on the influence of small-scale built form elements, such as street characteristics, on bicyclist wayfinding is limited. wayfinding is defined as a purposeful way of reaching from point A to point B; it is comprised of decision-making and subsequent movement. This research uses an agent-based model to investigate how small-scale urban design affects bicyclist wayfinding.

Project Will Be Scaled Up After Its Success At Kamatibaug

Vadodara: Paris and Barcelona have done it. And so has New York and Boston. Now, Vadodara will be the first city of Gujarat to get a chance to use cycle as a mode of public transport.

Unchecked deforestation will have far-reaching impacts on temperature, rainfall, and monsoon cycles in regions well outside the tropics, affecting agriculture and water availability, warns a new re

Noida: Dedicated cycle tracks in the city, part of the dream project of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav, no longer seem to serve the purpose for which they were constructed.

GURGAON: Might is always right on the busy roads of a big city and the humble bicycle has no place in the hierarchy of vehicle bullies.