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A significant research on traditional water conservation and drinking water system in the parched state of Rajasthan, prominent environmental researcher Anupam Mishra's book gives a detailed and

Taiwan's antinuclear activists were recent- ly at their vociferous best. On April 24, 100-odd activists bombed the Taiwan Power Company's building with eggs. The state-run company plans to

The nations of this region have signalled their refusal to be treated as mere waste dumps. In mid-April, 13 island states, including Australia and New Zealand, agreed to a draft treaty

Papua New Guinea's (PNG) prime minister, Julius Chan, has thrown Australian mining companies off guard with an announcement on new resource project regulations. Under the new rules,

In the aftermath of January's devastating earthquake in Kobe, the Japanese have begun to scrutinise and review disaster management plans that they thought were more than adequate. The major lacuna in

Whether the state government of Lower Saxony in Germany likes it or not, it will be choked with nuclear waste that will not be recycled, but stored instead. Monika Griefahn, the fiery state

States view the draft water information bill as an instrument of Central interference

Members of the Mescalero Apache tribe in New Mexico, us, have successfully warded off an us attempt to turn their land into a radioactive waste dump. In early February, representatives of the tribe

The ongoing US-Russia joint space programme negotiations are progressing, quite literally, at lightspeed. The 2 countries are now shipping hardware to each other. The National Aeronautics and Space