We present evidence that the Indian Sundarbans is experiencing the effects of climate change over the last three decades. Observations of selected variables, such as the surface water temperature, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and transparency show significant long-term variation over a period of 27 years (1980

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Australians Lesley and Doug McGrath have for decades battled ocean swells that have eaten away at the backyard of their multi-million dollar Sydney home.

They bought an old beach shack on Collaroy Beach in 1976 and replaced it with a two storey home anchored to the land by 12 meter (35 feet) long piers, a concrete slab, and an underground seawall of giant boulders.

Hydrochemistry in parts of the Lower Tista Floodplain in northwest Bangladesh is dominated by alkalies and weakly acid, having highest concentration of sodium cations and bicarbonate anions respectively. Groundwater is characterized by sodium-calcium and sodium-potassium cation and bicarbonate-chloride-sulphate anion facies, and genetically ‘normal chloride’, ‘normal sulphate’, and ‘normal carbonated’ type, and soft to saline.

Speakers at a discussion yesterday said as the frequency and magnitude of natural disasters has been increasing rapidly in coastal belt due to climate change impacts, the government should take specific steps to protect some 3.48 crore people in the areas.

People living in the coastal belts are becoming more vulnerable day by day, they added.

Pakistan can use its 27million acre of saline lands to cultivate algae, which is the best alternative feedstock to biofuel production, says a researcher at the Mie University of Japan.

Mumbai As the state is reeling under severe water shortage, the state government has decided to check whether seawater can be desalinated to tackle water woes.

The objective of this study is to broadly inform groundwater resources managers, engineers, policymakers and politicians world-wide on the subject of managing saline groundwater with the aim to enhance their general understanding, promote early diagnosis of possible changes and widen their inspiration for selecting effective measures for intervention (as far as required).

Chilika lagoon, along the east coast of India, is the largest brackish water lagoon in Asia. Hydrodynamics of an aquatic system like Chilika is extremely important. It has significant impact on sediment and pollutant transport, distribution of nutrients in water and sediments, and the productivity of the system.

Present study consist the spatial and temporal variations of depth, temperature and salinity, currents, flushing times and classification of the Krishna estuary. Temperature exhibited a distinct seasonal variation with higher values in premonsoon (30.0