Soil salinity and falling global prices push farmers to agriculture An increasing number of shrimp farmers in Bangladesh are going back to paddy farming. They don

No relief materials reached many remote areas in the south and south-west left battered by tidal surges whipped up by cyclone Aila even three days after the inundation in which thousands of people were marooned without food and drinking water.
The unofficial death toll rose to 178. The disaster management ministry on Thursday confirmed the death of 147 people.

The discharge of heavily contaminated domestic and industrial waste into Phuleli Canal in Hyderabad continues unabatedly and no relevant authority has taken notice of the grave threat this situation poses.

A large portion of the province, particularly the lower Sindh, has brackish and saline underground water due to the influence of the sea and water shortage in the Indus River.

Although there were less incidences of diarrhea in the city for last few days, the number of patients is likely to increase gradually over the next few days due to use of contaminated water, physicians at the ICDDR'B apprehended yesterday.

Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) has successfully established a network of water resources in Cholistan desert by constructing around 100 specially designed reservoirs.

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Large tracts of paddy fields have been inundated and about 35 wells in Kushem Waddo, Aldona, has been polluted by the flow of saline water, as the 250-metre bundh near ferry wharf in Corjuem (Aldona) has breached at seven places.

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The tsunami of December 26, 2004, devastated many coastal areas in Sri Lanka. Curiously, the tsunami spared several areas which had mangroves - dense forests of salt-resistant trees and shrubs that grow in brackish, low-lying coastal swamps in the tropics and subtropics.