In its judgement on a writ petition challenging the Konkan Railway Project, the Panaji High Court ruled that the railways did not need to get an environmental clearance for the project.

• Total length of the Konkan railway : 760 km • Cost (at 1991-92 prices) : Rs 1,391 crore • Completion date : October 1994 • Length in Goa : 106 km • Number of

Environmental degradation, changing land use patterns and poor administrative planning is resulting in the destruction of a unique agro system in Goa.

Mud"s low cost and malleability makes it an ideal building material. But its use can be popularised only if such drawbacks as its susceptibility to moisture is overcome and misconceptions about mud housing are cleared.

Sugarcane farmers in rural Karnataka are making jaggery using an efficient and smoke free stove designed and promoted by a school headmaster.

The first group to work seriously on stabilised mud blocks was based in Bangalore. Over the years, the group has achieved many s significant breakthroughs in mud technology.

Against the opulent backdrop of the WHO building in the Capital, children of the Anna Nagar slum act out on the street their problems and the solutions.

The Mud Village Society was conceived as a "habitat in consonance with the total ecosystem". But the highly touted project may never be implemented.

Some mud houses built on the outskirts of Bangalore have developed cracks, raising doubts about the viability of mud as a building material. What went gone wrong?

Efforts to make mud suitable for constructing houses have been going on for years and there have been significant breakthroughs.