This paper examines the concept of urban clusters and explores its application in South Asia. Drawing lessons from international case studies, it highlights the advantages of clustered urbanization.

This publication launches the Inclusive Green Growth Index, which captures the key dimensions of economic growth, social equity, and environmental sustainability.

This paper explores household-level responses to extreme weather events in Bangladesh and Pakistan, which are among the most disaster-prone countries in the world. In particular, the frequency of extreme floods is on the rise in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Trade in food and other agricultural products is increasingly important across East and Southeast Asia, where high-income Asian economies have driven significant agricultural expansion, and the momentous growth of the People

This paper assesses the role of consumption and savings in Asia

The global economy is threatened with a deep and prolonged recession as a consequence of the financial meltdown that began with the housing price crisis in the United States.

The recent spike in global food prices and the short-sighted policy responses that accentuate volatility in prices threaten to push large numbers of people back below the poverty line