China and India must collaborate to force the West to pay for past excesses when it comes to climate change rather than plead for a

When the US Congress unveiled a proposed national climate law for America last spring, the international community was left surprised and disappointed by its lack of ambition.

Events running up to the UN

While relatively little is known definitively about the glaciers of the Himalaya and Hindukush, what facts do exist need to be acknowledged as such.

The receding glaciers of the Himalaya offer a critical case study of the region

Rajendra Pachauri heads TERI, The Energy and Resources Institute, based in New Delhi. An engineer of the railways in his early career, Pachauri went to the United States to earn a PhD in industrial engineering and another in economics, after which he returned to India in 1981 to work with TERI.

Climate change has become the defining issue of our time. It is a quintessential global matter, since its effects respect no national or regional boundaries. Climate change is also a challenge that compels a global and collaborative response. We are all literally in the same boat, cast adrift in increasingly tumultuous seas. Unless we pull the oars together we may not make it to shore.

With its highest point a mere two metres above sea level, global warming is an imminent concern for the Maldives. As the conversation on climate change heats up prior to the December conference in Copenhagen, President Mohamed Nasheed spoke to Kunda Dixit about his plans.

From the Himalaya to Male, there are clear signs that climate change is real.

In the competitive environment of the Southasian pharmaceutical industry, the consumer is today left with neither a guide nor a map.