The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has launched a publication titled “From Rio to Rio: A 20-year Journey to Green the World’s Economies,” which consists of an analysis of 20 select projects that illustrate the key lessons emerging from the 20 years of work by the GEF.

The GEF and UNCCD Secretariats have jointly published a book on sustainable land management (SLM) projects, highlighting the impact of many of these projects in achieving SLM, as well as experiences and lessons learned.


A GEF-STAP (Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel) Advisory Document entitled 'Advancing Sustainable Low-Carbon Transport Through the GEF' has been published.

This publication is part of a series of products and activities for dissemination, developed under the Poznan Strategic Program on
Technology Transfer.

The financial mechanism of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), operated by the GEF, has assisted eligible countries to implement their commitments for achieving the objectives of this unique international legal instrument. Considering that most of the biological diversity is located in developing countries, the importance of the GEF to the CBD remains fundamental. This publication highlights the achievements of the GEF since its inception, summarizes its current investment strategy, and begins to map the way forward for the next phase of the GEF.