As financing for climate change adaptation in developing countries begins to flow, it is essential that the governance of funding at the global and country level be shaped so that the needs of the most vulnerable can be met. The core issue is country-level ownership of adaptation finance.

This report examines the impact of the global financial crisis
on the budgets of low-income countries, especially their spending to
reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

This Learning Companion aims to provide Oxfam programme staff with the basis for incorporating gender analysis and women

This report provides critical insights on the existing challenges to ensure children across the developing world get timely, affordable and appropriate access to vaccines, while ensuring that the unmet needs of poor children are met by the public and private sector in the coming years.

Climate change is fast pushing the poorest and most marginalized

The people of Tajikistan, a small, mountainous country in Central Asia, are experiencing the impacts of climate change. More frequent droughts and heightened extreme weather

This latest OXFAM report reviews the impact of climate change on Pakistan

This book considers how gender issues are entwined with people

Globally, 1.7 billion farmers are highly vulnerable to climate change impacts. The many who are already hungry are particularly vulnerable. Yet scaling up localised

Rich nations are diverting aid from other causes to pay to help poor countries fight the growing impact of climate change, according to this Oxfam report released on 16th Sept 09.