Pollution from Africa and Indonesia reaches Indian Ocean region in monsoon transition periods

common concern: A Montana jury ordered ChevronTexaco Corporation to pay us $40.3 million for environmental damage from a gasoline pipeline leak in 1955.

AIDS threatens subsistence agriculture in Africa

The G 20 bloc of nations faces new challenges

Swarms of locusts in North Africa could be on the verge of threatening crops further south. If a plague were to break out, maize, sorghum, millet and wheat worth us $2 billion could be destroyed.

This year’s UN Commission on Sustainable Development meet provided no roadmap to attain Millennium Development Goals on water, sanitation and human settlements

In Kenya, where sixty per cent of all agriculturists are small farmers with less than 5 hectares ha of land, Peter Saku is an interesting case. A marginal farmer of Kifurusha village in Kenya s Machakos district, he grows 11 different kinds of produce o

marine boom: An unprecedented census of marine life is reporting three new fish species a week on an average. In the first interim report of the census, an international team of scientists predicts

How negotiations on issues moved, or didn’t

What of the Doha round? What of the WTO itself?