Agriculture plays a significant role in the Indian economy. Food production in India has increased from 51 MT in 1950-51 to 204.6 MT in 2004. While Green Revolution has been one of the greatest success stories of India with its dramatic impact on food security, environmental concerns have been growing rapidly all over the world.

As Parliament mulls the Seeds Bill 2004, there is intense opposition to it. It’s likely the government will redraft it. sopan joshi

Today, it is accepted that farm mechanisation is an unavoidable imperative. For productivity must be increased. But

Scientists develop device to help farmers from developing nations

indian scientists have discovered a novel microorganism in salty marshlands, which has the potential to absorb nitrogen an essential plant nutrient from the atmosphere and make it available to crops. In addition, the microbe can help plants extract ph

Export bite forces a plan to promote residue free chilli

Of the three farm water conservation programmes currently under way in Karnataka, the Jal Samvardhene Yojana (jsy) has completed a year of operation. The programme’s stated objective is to demonstrate the viability of community-based approaches to tank re

Traditional farming was the buzzword at a meeting titled

Farmers ready to sow GM cotton in Andhra Pradesh

For Internet savvy farmers Few Indian farmers know the actual price and stock level of their produce in the market or mandi before they come to sell. Too many people, vested interests