This study has been undertaken to assess the development patterns of agriculture sector in Punjab and the identification of the constraints operating in the agricultural sector dealing with land, labour, irrigation, credit etc.

A presentation on need for improvement of agricultural statistics by Vijay Kumar, Adviser, Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture.

Small and marginal farmers are the worst hit by the problems that afflict agriculture. The macro and micro level factors together have created stress among the poor farmers forcing them to commit suicide.

THE first thing to note about the Mulkanoor cooperative is that it is an exception, not the rule. Given the otherwise dismal state of the cooperative movement in India, how many cooperative societies can boast of a turnover in excess of Rs 55 crore? Or have one of its members go on to become the prime minister of the country (P V Narasimha Rao, in this case)? Or not have a single defaulter on the roll of its hundreds of borrowers, with total lending in a year exceeding Rs 20 crore? Or have operations ranging from dairies to a modern rice mill.

It's not routine for organic to get a bad press. But when quixotic officials turn it into an article of faith without doing the homework, the repercussions can be seriously debilitating. Take the

The focus of this policy lies in the concept of

scientists at the Directorate of Oilseed Research (dor), Hyderabad, have developed the world's first microbial insecticide in solid form. According to D M Hegde, project director, dor, "The

What a line of attack! PepsiCo, in its advertisements to deny that it had pesticides in its drinks, said that there were more pesticides in tea, eggs, rice and apples. Coca Cola, in its defence, has

Tangled web

Agriculture plays a significant role in the Indian economy. Food production in India has increased from 51 MT in 1950-51 to 204.6 MT in 2004. While Green Revolution has been one of the greatest success stories of India with its dramatic impact on food security, environmental concerns have been growing rapidly all over the world.