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Beijing's fine-particulate pollutant intensity is expected to drop to the internationally recognised safe level in 16 years, environmental authorities said.

Epidemiological studies have reported associations between air pollution exposure and increases in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Exposure to air pollutants can influence cardiac autonomic tone and reduce heart rate variability, and may increase the risk of cardiac arrhythmias, particularly in susceptible patient groups.

The extent of urban air pollution in Pakistan—South Asia’s most urbanized country—is among the world’s most severe, significantly damaging human health, quality of life, and the economy and environment of Pakistan.

Poor air quality causes an estimated 2.6–4.4 million premature deaths per year. Hazardous conditions form when meteorological components allow the accumulation of pollutants in the near-surface atmosphere. Global-warming-driven changes to atmospheric circulation and the hydrological cycle are expected to alter the meteorological components that control pollutant build-up and dispersal, but the magnitude, direction, geographic footprint and public health impact of this alteration remain unclear.

Manali factories scout for robust sensors in race against deadline

The various quarry sites in the vicinity could be attributed to high RSPM concentrations in this region, the report added.

Frequent exposure to polluted air has led to a rise in the number of asthma cases in the City by at least 30 per cent, said Dr K S Satish, Chief Pulmonologist, Vikram Hospital.

Panjim’s ambient air quality data shows PM10 to be 43.50 mpmc for the year 2013-14

Indian Institute of Toxicology Research report cites addition of 1,28,217 vehicles on capital roads as main reason.

LUCKNOW: Level of air pollution in the city is higher than it was in previous pre-monsoon assessments.