Meghalaya is doing away with chemical fertilizers and pesticides which reportedly causes millions of cases of pesticide poisoning every year, Chief Minister Mukul Sangma told the assembly today.

Indigenous fish species, particularly the small ones, are on the verge of extinction due to various reasons including frequent and indiscriminate use of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilisers

The fertiliser we use to grow ripe and healthy vegetables is doing damage to our groundwater, and it is often due to one thing: phosphate.

Given the growing concern over climate change and global warming, more and more green initiatives are being undertaken by different organisations across the planet.

A Florida environmental group is offering $10 million to anyone who can devise a method for ridding the Everglades and other waterways around the country of the fertilizer byproduct phosphorous tha

Providing further clarification on the recently published article in The Island of September 15,titled ‘Govt.

The government on the recommendation of the CKD Research Team will cut down on 24 per cent of the Rs.

A software program from Cornell researchers aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save farmers’ crops. Now the big seed companies are taking notice

Question raised in Lok Sabha on the issue of consumption of fertilizers, 15/07/2014 .

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a potent greenhouse gas (GHG) that also depletes stratospheric ozone. Nitrogen (N) fertilizer rate is the best single predictor of N2O emissions from agricultural soils, which are responsible for ∼50% of the total global anthropogenic flux, but it is a relatively imprecise estimator. Accumulating evidence suggests that the emission response to increasing N input is exponential rather than linear, as assumed by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change methodologies. The researchers performed a metaanalysis to test the generalizability of this pattern.