Cereal output jumped 9.4 percent to 9.56 million tonnes during this fiscal year due to timely rains and an adequate supply of chemical fertilizers.

Many indigenous species of fish are facing extinction in Narsingdi district due to widespread use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the cropland land for boosting production.

More Than 5mg Per Litre Found In Groundwater Against Permissible Limit Of 1mg Per Litre

The backward district of Nalgonda is now faced with one more major water contaminant. After fluoride and uranium, researchers have found substantial quantities of bromide in groundwater in Nalgonda district.

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Over 1,000 kidney patients have been reported in the Moneragala district, sources said. The majority of the patients have been reported from Buttala and Wellawaya, they said.

Strategies for Mitigating Climate Change in Agriculture, a California Environmental Associates and Climate Focus authored report, finds that annual carbon emissions from global agriculture can be reduced by as much as 50 to 90 percent by 2030.

Wetter winters in the future could increase agricultural pollution in Britain's rivers, say scientists.

Sri Lanka has banned the sale of Monsanto's "Round Up" glyphosate weedicide after a study found that the weedicide is responsible for the increasing number of chronic kidney disease patients.

A study conducted by Greenpeace India, a voluntary organisation working on environmental issues, has reported an alarming rise in the concentration of harmful nitrates in drinking water in Malwa.

Sri Lanka Standards Institute will issue standard certificates to farmers who use organic fertilizer devoid of chemical fertilizer and pesticides for cultivation, the Ministry of Technological Rese