During 1945 to 1980, nitrate levels in large U.S. rivers increased up to fivefold in intensively managed agricultural areas of the Midwest, according to a new U.S. Geological Survey study.

Fertiliser companies are among the world's top climate villains, a new report from GRAIN asserts. Their products could be responsible for up to 10% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, not to mention the damage wreaked on waterways, soils and the ozone layer.

THUA THIEN - HUE (VNS) — The increasing overuse of chemical pesticides and fertilisers are posing more threats to farmers' health and agroproduct consumers, but authorities have never had an eye o

बनारसी हो या मगही, अब हर पान न केवल सबकी जुबान लाल करेगा बल्कि खेती को नया जीवन भी देगा। राष्ट्रीय कृषि विकास योजना से पान की खेती के लिए किसानों को 50 फीसद सब्सिडी मिलेगी। दो दिन पहले उद्यान विभाग

Further progress in understanding and mitigating N2O emissions from soil lies within transdisciplinary research that reaches across spatial scales and takes an ambitious look into the future.

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Biotech company Camson discovers NKP with full protection on soil, air and water, to sell at 50% lower than chemical fertiliser

A new study suggests that good quality fertiliser is more important than agricultural education or micro credit for improving food security in Uganda

From crop health to seed procurement, soil health, use of fertilisers and pesticides — farmers in Punjab can now get immediate advice via a WhatsApp group which includes agricultural experts.

Some five months after an oil tanker carrying furnace oil capsized in Shela River harming flora and fauna of the Sundarbans, another vessel carrying fertilizer made up of toxic chemicals, sank in B

Usha Ghatowar smiles wryly when asked about the pay she earns picking leaves at a colonial-era tea garden in Assam.