The Society of Energy Engineers and Managers (SEEM) and the alumni association of REC, Calicut, along with Mir Projects and Consultants, is organising a one-day workshop on Energy Management solutions for hospitals and hotels here on Saturday. Experts in the area of energy conservation would attend the seminar and case studies would be presented, said a release.

With lifting of the model code of conduct, the state electricity board has decided to resume distribution of the energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), which are being supplied to the domestic consumers free of cost.

It's a geological bonanza for clean energy investors, yet no one's talking about it.

With its population spread out over more than 17,000 islands, many Indonesians live in cities, yet some are in areas so remote that electricity access is almost zero.

Light-emitting diodes based on organic materials (known as OLEDs) have a number of attractive qualities that could make them the light sources of choice for the future. Unfortunately until now they have never reached the power efficiencies of fluorescent tubes.

In recent days Sri Lanka has gained a rapid growth in all sectors including the industries. Emergent industries exploit more energy than ever before.

Current scenario in electric generation points in a direction that in nearest future we will have to burn double the fuel we consume today to generate electricity through thermal power.

Energy experts believe Sri Lanka should now tap all possible renewable energy sources to cut down on the use of fossil fuels which comes to the country at a high price.

"Our economy will fall behind if we continue spending on foreign oil and coal every year," said Executive Director Energy Forum Ashoka Abeygunawardane at a recent workshop in Colombo.

Every household in Britain should by 2020 be able to cut its energy bills and carbon footprint using "smart meters" and handheld devices to control energy use closely, the government said on Monday.

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Walk around the floor of Lightfair International, the lighting industry

A bigger role must be found for improving energy efficiency in any new U.N. deal aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a leading China-based project developer said on Thursday.