The State government will file a counter affidavit in the next couple of days before the National Green Tribunal (NGT) seeking to vacate the stay given by it on the auction of seized red sanders lo

Conserving wildlife while simultaneously meeting the resource needs of a growing human population is a major sustainability challenge. As such, using combined social and environmental perspectives to understand how people and wildlife are interlinked, together with the mechanisms that may weaken or strengthen those linkages, is of utmost importance. However, such integrated information is lacking.

The annual trade of small forest produce in Chhattisgarh has now reached an estimated of Rs850 crore, thanks to sufficient quantity of about 160 varieties of small forest produce available in Stat

South Zone-level Tribal Meet 2014 organised in Salem

Asks states to register growth, felling and sale of timber at local levels, instead of blanket bans

Meghalaya frames guidelines 18 years after Supreme Court ban on timber felling

This 2014 edition of the State of World’s Forests report 2014 launched by FAO focuses on the role of socio-economic benefits provided by forests, including income and employment, wood energy and forest products in housing. It also focuses on the need to shift attention from trees to people, both for data collection and policy making.

Sheer negligence on the part of authorities concerned in implementation of Forest Rights Act, 2006 has resulted in lakhs of forest-dwellers being deprived of their rights, alleged the officials of

Environment is a multi-disciplinary topics directly related to the nature, human being and their activities. Concerns have been growing widely about changing environment and its impact upon the lives of the earth. In fact, areas of most researchers and efforts of most scientists are being concentrated towards environment in one way or the other. Accordingly, priority of the Government of Nepal has also been focused towards environment, be that in the name of "the Climate Change" or "Conservation" or " the quality of life of the people".

This study focuses on evaluating and improving the assessment of forest wealth. In its broad purpose, the study is intended to help improve the current forest wealth assessment methodology by the World Bank to enable more accurate estimates of forest wealth and other related indicators.