Toxic levels of mercury dumped in Amazon rivers gets into food chain, posing serious health risk to children, study finds

Canadian firm's plan to mine for gold and silver would destroy four mountain tops and wipe out three villages, campaigners say

Excess arsenic found in borewell water samples in four taluks of Raichur, Yadgir.

Arrests follow series of pit collapses in which dozens have died, and highlight social and environmental challenges of China's presence in Africa

Chile President Sebastian Pinera on Thursday blasted the environmental review process that led to a permit for Barrick Gold Corp's now-suspended $8.5 billion Pascua-Lama gold mine project.

Designers of everything from mobile phones to electric car batteries should make their products far easier to recycle to offset soaring demand for metals, two United Nations reports recommended on

Beijing: With rescuers finding 11 bodies more than two days after a goldmine subsided in Tibet, hopes of saving the remaining 72 miners receded with unnamed officials saying on Sunday they were feared dead. Hampering operations was the break down of the excavator and severe damage to the narrow roads leading to the mine following the landslide.

The workers are buried 30 metres deep into the mine. Many rescuers were found digging into the debris with bare hands, state media said, adding that two of the buried workers were Tibetans, and that two were women. The administration said all the workers in the gold mine in Maizhokunggar County, 68 km from the regional capital of Lhasa, had been identified. The landslide covers an area of three sq km at the Jiama Copper Gold Polymetallic Mine.

Beijing: A massive landslide swept through a gold mining area in mountainous Tibet early on Friday, burying 83 workers believed to have been asleep at the time, Chinese state media said.

In 2010 Médecins Sans Frontières discovered a lead poisoning outbreak linked to artisanal gold processing in northwestern Nigeria. The outbreak has killed ~400 young children and affected thousands more. The objective of the study was to undertake an interdisciplinary geological­ and health­science assessment to clarify lead sources and exposure pathways, identify additional toxicants of concern and populations at risk, and examine potential for similar lead poisoning globally.

Afghanistan has vast mineral deposits which on paper are worth trillions of dollars