• Pesticides can harm unborn children, and an estimated Rs 24,000 crore is needed to fight pesticide-borne dis-eases, says Suresh Prabhu, Union minister for environment and forests. •

Washington state plans to sue the US energy department for failing to clean up a radioactive waste dump

Groundwater in some parts of Calcutta has revealed traces of arsenic, according to a recently published research paper. Scientists from the School of Environmental Studies of Jadavpur University,

Supply of potable water has been affected by contamination of water sources in most developing countries. Rivers, lakes and groundwater have been polluted by industrial effluents, pesticides and

US scientists have developed a device that eliminates all carcinogenic additives from groundwater reserves

No more drinkable, Delhi s groundwater is poison

Toxic pesticides that contaminate the soil and enter the food chain need to be replaced with non-toxic ones.

A new bacterium can convert a toxic groundwater pollutant into a harmless hydrocarbon

a rs 5 crore plan has been submitted by the government of West Bengal to the Centre in order to fight the high levels of arsenic and fluoride contamination in the groundwater of the state. The

The Delhi High Court recently banned the import of toxic zinc and lead ash and their skimmings till further orders. The court was ruling on a petition seeking implementation of the