Energy is important both for economic development, but it also plays a major role in improving conditions at the household level. The notion of an energy poverty line is well accepted around the world. There is a large body of literature on how to measure income poverty and the reliability of alternate measures.

Household consumption of various goods and services in India 2011-12. The report is based on information collected during 2011-12 from 101651 households in 7469 villages and 5268 urban blocks spread over the entire country.

The government has joined hands with IIT Bombay to implement cost-effective solar powered lighting solutions for rural population that will help save 36 million litres of kerosene and slash the sub

This paper explores the link between fossil-fuel subsidies and gender in India. It focuses on the likely gender impacts of reform across cooking, lighting, pumping and transport fuels.

Water & Carbon Dioxide, Powered By Sunlight, Help Synthesize Renewable Kerosene

An Indian social enterprise start-up is helping people living in urban slums to use clean energy by changing their kerosene lamps for solar lanterns and wood fires for more efficient cooking stoves

At least two months are left before a new government takes charge, so there is time for two monthly price rises of 50 paise a litre each

The petroleum & natural gas ministry has decided to discontinue the practice of a monthly diesel price increase, indicating putting on hold its plan for a phased decontrol of the fuel’s price. But this has come at a time when the revenue loss on sale of every litre of diesel has shrunk to Rs 5.93 a litre, which could, perhaps, have given the government the best window to effect a complete decontrol.

The climate adaptation wing of WWF-India is currently working on a pilot project to transform van rickshaws, a highly polluting and illegal commuter and goods carrier popularly used in semi-urban a

Bangalore: To ensure the poor have easier access to power, the US Consulate General (Chennai) has granted $ 200,000 to SELCO Foundation, a social enterprise working towards providing sustainable en

Cooking on open fires and kerosene lighting causes indoor air pollution, which is considered as one of the largest global public health issues