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The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) conducts nationwide socio-economic surveys as part of its “rounds”, each round normally of a year’s duration.

Monrovia – The Civil Society Working Group on Land Reform has intensified engagements with stakeholders aimed at ensuring the speedy passage of the draft land right act at the National Legislature.

This innovative and important study contributes to a deeper understanding of several important questions. It is a contribution to an understanding of how disputes over land are actually adjudicated in the Supreme Court. What issues are being litigated? What issues are at stake? Are there any discernible patterns in the nature of litigation?

Aurangabad: Within a less than a year of its announcement, the Eco Task Force (ETF) battalion is set to become reality in Aurangabad and the region with an aim to improve the below-average green co

National Lands Commission (NLC) chairman Muhammad Swazuri said an earlier adjudication that saw the land allocated to outsiders was unprocedural.

Henceforth, anybody who forcibly grabs other people’s land in Oyo State would be imprisoned for 15 years or pay a fine of N500, 000.

Expansion and development of urban areas require acquisition of land, which, in turn, often requires physical relocation of people who own or occupy this land.

Amid the realities of major political turbulence, there was growing recognition in 2016 that the land rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities are key to ensuring peace and prosperity, economic development, sound investment, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

This document provides a synthesis of the findings from an investigation of tenure risk in East, West, and Southern Africa.

BENGALURU: Karnataka government on Wednesday admitted that 765 hectares of the ecologically sensitive Kappatagudda forest were encroached upon by 639 individuals.