Kolkata is among the most polluted cities, ranked alongside Cairo and Delhi, a World Bank study reveals. This is notwithstanding the fact that more people are affected by pollution in Kolkata than in the other cities of India on account of the density of population.

London: Scientists have discovered what they claim is a common gene that raises the risk of developing lung cancer in non-smokers, a breakthrough which may pave the way for new targeted therapies for patients.

It has been reported that cigarette smoking is a risk factor for bacterial pneumonia and other respiratory infections, and that smokers are more likely to harbor bacterial pathogens in their oral and nasopharyngeal cavities than nonsmokers.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified occupational exposure as a painter as being carcinogenic to humans based on a comprehensive review published in 1989. Guha et al. (p.

After five years, the World Health Organization

Early Detection, Better Drugs, Customized Therapy Ahead

London: Scientists have identified all the changes in cells of two cancers to produce the first entire cancer gene maps, calling the findings a

A population-based case

Vienna: New studies have found direct evidence of a lung cancer risk from the presence of colorless, odorless radon gas in many homes, a United Nations committee said in a report.

National Forum on Environment and Health (NFEH) has expressed grave concern over the fast degradation of environment in the country especially Karachi in the past 12 years which inflicted huge losses to the economy and posed threat to resources.

Throughout the world, as use of manufactured cigarettes has dropped, the tobacco industry has taken steps to diversify its product offerings with the overall goal of assuring a steady market of nicotine addicted people.