Western Orissa is witnessing an upheaval. In the eye of the storm is the Hirakud dam. Over 300,000 farmers dependent on its water for irrigation are indignant that industries springing up around the dam are sucking away the water they had been waiting for

The challenge of development lies in balancing competing water demands

On water The EIA has withheld crucial data on local water resources. The company proposes to source its water requirement of 46,000 cubic metres per day from the Mahanadi river. But whether the

Any reduction in water spread area at a specified elevation over a time period is indicative of sediment deposition at this level. This when integrated over a range of water stages helps in computing volume of storage lost through sedimentation. This study relates to estimation of capacity loss due to sedimentation of Hirakud reservoir, located in Orissa, India.

Rohan D'Souza,

The eastern Indian state of Orissa will turn to a mass of barren and desert like lands in another 150 years, warned Water Initiatives Orissa (WIO). Many parts of Orissa, specifically the western and southern uplands, have developed symptoms of desertification; they have further degraded from drought prone to desert prone areas.

Does the concept of interlinking India's rivers hold water? The debate rages on...

Fifteen years ago, BALCO made an abortive attempt to mine bauxite in one of India s richest biodiversity reserves, Gandhamardan in Orissa. Now the threat comes from herb smuggling

In the present study, the temporal patterns of monsoon floods on five large rivers of the Deccan Peninsula have been investigated. Analyses of the long-term annual maximum discharge/state data, available for the last 100 years or so, show non-random behaviour in terms of distinct periods of high and low floods.

BHUBANESWAR: The wildlife wing of the Forest department has raised concerns over the setting up of 1,000 mw thermal power plant proposed by Tata Power Company at Naraj.

Its proximity to critical sites, impact of pollution on them as well as on the wildlife are issues the wildlife wing is worried about.