This paper compares the experiences of India and Vietnam in dietary diversity and undernourishment from the early 1990s to the middle of the first decade of the new millennium. Feb 23-29, 2008

The final report of the third National Family Health Survey (nfhs-3) is out, but doubts remain whether it will be used to improve national health policies. Although 100-odd research papers have

But a poor way to bell the malnutrition cat

Cannot wish ecological poverty away

Standard of living determines a child s height

No headway made at World Food Summit in accelerating efforts to eliminate hunger

Experts question efficacy of plant genetic resources treaty

Children s toilets are a breed apart from the everyday adult toilet

There has been a large-scale widening of the gap in the health status of rich and poor populations in the former Soviet Union and former Eastern European bloc. This was reported in a new report from

...the West eats into the world's resources, leaving the developing nations and its poorest struggling against