Southampton-based plastic manufacturer Biome Bioplastics has released ground-breaking research that demonstrates the feasibility of creating low-cost, high-performance bioplastics using lignin deri

The National Green Tribunal on Tuesday ordered the inspection of nearly 1,000 industries in UP for polluting the Ganga by releasing untreated effluents into its waters.

Paper company responds to criticism with 1m hectare conservation plan but green groups say it won't stop loggers

The new Global Paper Vision harmonises several regional vision statements for industry reform around the world into a more coordinated effort to match the globalised supply chain for paper products and raw materials.

Leading forest, paper and packaging companies are committing to support forest certification systems to significantly scale up sustainable forest management.

Argentine citizens walk by the bridge that links Argentina and Uruguay, during a demonstration near Fray Bentos city October 6, 2013.

The Centre has lifted a moratorium on environment clearance for new industries in 'highly-polluting' Haldia and Asansol after "pollution controlling norms" were complied with, West Bengal Environme

ITC proposes to double capacity in its Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division to one million tonnes.

The department of chemicals and petrochemicals is working on stringent quality norms to check dumping of basic chemicals in India.

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