Cruel punishment: The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Refugee Coordination Unit (RCU) recently stopped food distribution to 3,142 refugees in Bhutans' Jhapa refugee

The repatriation of thousands of Bangladeshi tribal refugees from northeast India is almost complete, officials said. They said 56,520 refugees, including 11,000 families, have returned to the

Refugee movements the world over have had an unfortunate aftermath: the degradation of environment. The UN hcr has now come out with a set of guidelines on how best to deal with transboundary peregrinations

In a momentous judgement last month, the Supreme Court directed the Arunachal Pradesh government to ensure the safety of the Chakma and Hajong tribals in the state and to thwart any

With about 300 sq km almost stripped bare of forest cover, Africa's first national park battles for survival

Intelligence agencies of the Assam government have alleged that the 2,387 sq km Manas Tiger Reserve, listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage site, has become a sanctuary for about 200 Bodo

THE IRAQI government's campaign to drain the Howeiza Marsh in the south to flush out Shiite rebels has prompted an exodus: Every day for the past three months, about 25 refugees have fled across the

Bangladesh gets nuke plant: On May 13, Bangladesh and Russia signed a deal to install a nuclear power plant with an electricity generation capacity of 600-1,000 megawatt (mw). The plant will be set up at Roopour, 200 km from Dhaka. The country generates 3,300 mw power and is facing a shortfall of 1,500 mw a day. Pak offers comfort to refugees: Cool drinking water is being

Johan Von Schreeb, a surgeon who has worked for the group Medicins Sans Frontieres, is a public health scholar with the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. His recently published PhD thesis enquired

The tussle on the Colombia-Ecuador border over the spraying of herbicide by Colombia has taken a new turn. The spraying, done to eradicate coca plantations, had driven many Colombians to take