Ahead of the UN Climate Change conference, India on Tuesday said it will play a proactive role to battle global warming but it expected the developed world to “walk the talk” on this crucial issue.

Address by the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee to Parliament on 9th June 2014.

The guidebook aims to provide private sector to enhance their low-carbon businesses in India. As India aims to regain its economic growth momentum at the rate of about 9%, the demand for energy, particularly commercial energy, is expected to rise rapidly.

The Indian nuclear energy program is at crossroads, with several alternative pathways of industrial development potentially open to it. These possibilities include options for technology selection and development, as well as for organising the efforts of the state owned entities and private companies.

The U.N. climate negotiations went into overtime with most contentious issues for this year being discussed between gathered Ministers.

Jayanthi Slams Rich Nations For Bid To Lower Emission Targets

Warsaw: Hitting out at developed countries for backtracking on their commitments to fight climate change, India on Thursday used the UN climate talks’ platform to tell the rich nations not to treat global warming issues with a “business perspective of providing markets to domestic companies”.

WARSAW: India on Thursday expressed its solidarity with the NGOs who walked out from the ongoing climate conference and said that it was a matter of deep concern for New Delhi that there has been a

On the day that the BASIC countries came together to take the high moral ground against non-delivery of commitments by the developed world, India took on the rich countries for trying to put a Troj

Internal briefing paper accessed by The Hindu shows U.S. wants to promote its tech firms

In an internal briefing paper prepared for its diplomats across the world before the Warsaw climate negotiations, which The Hindu accessed, the U.S. has opposed the setting up of a separate mechanism on ‘loss and damage’. It has also pushed primarily for the role of private investments and finance to enable the poor countries to adapt to climate change.

Several developing countries, including India, have opposed the call for all countries to provide emission reduction pledges at a special session of heads of state in September 2014.