GURGAON: 'Leave space to Green Right Of Way (GROW)' campaign was launched on Tuesday to mark the 22nd edition of Car Free Day.

Governor Vohra tells Transport Department to invite comments from stakeholders

An analysis, based on a survey of the print advertisements and TV commercials for safety content, and the pricing policy for offering safety technology of six major automobile manufacturers, shows that manufacturers are not promoting safety issues or their safety technology in any significant manner. They are not offering airbags or anti-lock braking systems in most of the base models costing less than $12,000.

Focus will be on creating awareness among road users

The objective of this paper is to review the multiple impacts on health as a result of road transport in urban areas.

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The Government of Gujarat recognises that road accidents have now become a major public health issue, and the victims are mainly the poor and vulnerable road users. The Government of Gujarat further recognises that as road accidents involve roads, motor vehicles and the human beings, road safety needs to be addressed on a holistic basis.

CHANDIGARH: Putting its weight behind the Smart City Project, city-based non-government organization Yuvsatta has written to the UT adviser in which it has sought proper cycle stands and tracks for

xperimental studies have shown a decrease in driving performance at high temperatures. The epidemiological evidence for the relationship between heat and motor vehicle crashes is not consistent.

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Over the past four decades, bicycle ownership has been documented in various countries but not globally analyzed. This paper presents an effort to fill this gap by tracking household bicycle possession. First, we gather survey data from 150 countries and extract percentage household bicycle ownership values. Performing cluster analysis, we determined four groups with the weighted mean percentage ownership ranging from 20% to 81%. Generally, bicycle ownership was highest in Northern Europe and lowest in West, Central and North Africa, and Central Asia.

THE Second global High-level Conference on Road Safety recently held in Brazil has declared that human suffering from road traffic accidents is estimated at US$1,850 billion per year, hence the nee