The saperas snake charmers of Delhi loive in a unique colony called Mollarbandhgaon. This community, located next to the Badarpur thermal power station, is known locally as sapera basti community of snake charmers. The community has been living

About non profit organisations NPOs , also thought non governmental

Recurrent droughts and floods coupled with mass poverty, chronic unemployment and pervasive malnutrition are the major challenges before India. The Union government usually responds by complaining about truant rains and doles out funds in an arbitrary man

Interlink rivers and get delinked from true water management

During the last two decades of the previous century, the magnitude of forced population displacements caused by development programs was on the order of 10 million people each year, or some 200 million people globally during that period. Thus, by their frequency, size, ad the dire consequences, development-cased displacements have become a problem of worldwide proportions.

The karez system could solve the country's water problems

Besides being largely impractical, the land for land approach to the rehabilitation debate is patronising, to say the least

This book is a welcome addition to the growing literature on the joint forest management (JFM) programme. The beginnings of this initiative can be dated to the early 1970s, when people had just begun

Court orders salaries for Valmiki Tiger Reserve staff

despite stiff opposition from the greens, the parliament of Norway cleared the nation's first petroleum development project in the Arctic Barents Sea. It was passed by a 75-25 vote recently. The