This is a public notice soliciting public opinion on the unfinished agenda of the emissions standards roadmap finalised way back in 2003. This seeks Euro IV standards in 11 cities and Euro III in the rest of the country by 2010. But this notification was not given adequate publicity in the popular media.

Hydrogen Blend To Curb NOx Emissions
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The Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (EV/PHEV) Roadmap for the first time identifies a detailed scenario for the evolution of these types of vehicles and their market penetration, from annual production of a few thousand to over 100 million vehicles by 2050. It finds that the next decade is a key

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Mumbai: Going green with brakes could be a new mantra in India

Washington: A team of scientists has created a prototype of aspeed bump that can capture kinetic energy from vehicles passing by, to convert it into clean green electricity.

According to a Fox News report, the prototype, known as the

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ONE of the ways to look beyond the global recession is for the automotive industry to take a cue from the semi-conductor industry by re-designing itself. Indian auto industry can take the lead in lightweighting as it is still in the early stage of significant growth and hence, not too late to plot a different course, says an expert from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

London, Aug. 30: Automobile engineers have shown that soap bubbles, filled with helium, could improve the fuel efficiency and take the drag out of future cars.

Using 12 cameras, a team in Britain has tracked the three millimetre bubbles which swirl around cars in a wind tunnel and found that the helium in the bubbles gives them neutral buoyancy, the New Scientist reported.

This report presents a side-by-side comparison of fuels and vehicles with the recognition that future technological advances or additional research into unresolved issues, such as the land-use impact of biofuel production, could alter findings and make certain options more or less attractive.

US funding for hydrogen-fuelled transportation research got a boost on 17 July as the House of Representatives voted to restore $85 million to the research budget. The administration of President Barack Obama had proposed cutting the funds altogether.