The number of dengue deaths has passed 127 and counting. The affected persons have exceeded 9000. In 2005 the number of patients that died from dengue was 28 while there were 5994 dengue patients.

Karachi Port Trust (KPT) and Port Qasim Authority (PQA) on Monday singed two memorandum of understanding (MoUs) with a French firm to conduct a comprehensive study on the development of desalination and water treatment plants at Karachi Port and Port Qasim.

Grameen Veolia Water Ltd. launched its first water treatment plant at Goalmari village in Daudkandi, Comilla, on Wednesday.

Health Minister Dr AFM Ruhul Haque inaugurated the plant as the chief guest. Nobel laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus, chairman of Grameen Veolia Water Ltd, Subed Ali Bhuiyan MP and Antoine Frerot, CEO of Veolia Water, were present on the occasion.

): Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that provision of potable water to save the masses from hepatitis and other water-borne diseases is the top priority of the government, and in this connection a number of projects are being executed expeditiously, utilising all available resources.

China's central government has repeatedly declared its intention to clean up the environment, from the smoggy skies of Beijing to the scummy green waters of Lake Tai in the Yangtze delta. However, ensuring that intentions are translated promptly, fairly and efficiently into action across the provinces is often a problem. Two non-governmental organizations (NGOs) may be about to change this.

Tourism is priority; not ecology as the Rajasthan government prepares to award contracts for restoring Pichola lake near Udaipur

Resilience is a dynamic process. City resilience refers to the ability of a city to adapt or adjust to changing situations or recover from economic, social or ecological disturbances. The current high rate of urbanisation in China creates many such disturbances. Urban agriculture plays a role in enhancing the resilience of China

Copper is a metal of choice for technologists and is an important engineering metal. It is one of the toxic metals, which causes many health hazards and harmful biochemical effects on living beings. In this review, introduction, chemistry, uses, sources, effects of copper and copper pollution and its removal from water bodies using pollution control technologies have been discussed.

Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) will launch a campaign tomorrow (Wednesday) to provide free stock solution to every household to purify water in all 46 union councils of Rawal Town, said WASA Managing Director (MD) Islamul Haq in a press statement.

A case against Industries Secretary Jakir Hossain and Director General of Environmental Department Md Najibur Rahman has been filed with the High Court on the allegation of contempt of court.