The ability for heavy metals removal by C. odorata and V. zizanioides grown on contaminated soil and synthetic contaminated soil in experimental pots was investigated. Both contaminated and uncontaminated soils, for preparing the synthetic contaminated soil in this study, were obtained from Mae Sot district, Tak province.

Cotton-wheat is a long established crop production system of north-western plains of India and Pakistan, and it occupies an important place in the agricultural economy of both these countries. While cotton is a cash crop, wheat provides the necessary food security. Accordingly, this crop rotation has brought rich dividends to the farmers.

policymakers in India swear by the insecticide ddt to contain sand fly, the kala-azar vector. There are alternatives to using chemicals, a group of researchers has found by studying 50 villages in five kala-azar endemic districts in Bihar. The disease is most prevalent in the state. Critics say the study is not foolproof. Various theories exist on sand fly

Field experiment was conducted at the Student's Research Farm, Department of Agronomy, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana during rabi 2005-06 to evaluate the feasibility of different weed management options in bed planted wheat.

The Chennai Corporation has bought six catamarans to be used to clear weeds and garbage floating on the city's waterways. The new equipment would be used to remove the floating masses and spray larvicide to control mosquito breeding, Mayor M. Subramanian said on Friday. The catamarans were deployed on a stretch of the Adyar river along the Madras Boat Club.

VICTORIAN farmers must embrace new technology, including genetically modified crops, to battle the effects of climate change and increased global competition, Premier John Brumby has warned. Speaking at the launch of the Government's $205 million plan to secure the future of farming in the state, Mr Brumby said Victoria's farmers faced increasing competition from countries such as Brazil, Russia and China.

A species of cattail grass, Typha australis, is taking over river banks and farmlands in the wetlands of Nigeria's Jigawa state, disrupting farming and fishing activities, said the state

Ansupa Lake, one of the two freshwater lakes found in Orissa, is vanishing slowly. Another freshwater lake, i.e. named Saro, in Puri District, has already been wiped out from the wetland maps of Orissa due to anthropogenic pressure. (Correspondence)

Hunkering down is the safe option if leaving home is risky, but it's a strategy that could leave you out on an evolutionary limb.

it is believed when invasive species are introduced in an area they inhibit the growth of local plants by producing chemicals. There is another recent theory that suggests that invasives work by