Studies conducted on parthenium in the Cancer Research Institute, Mumbai indicate that parthenin, the principle component of the grass, might possess anti-cancer properties. The plant is already part of folk remedies for certain skin afflictions, fever, anaemia and dysentery. parthenium is used as firewood as well as green manure in agricultural fields. However, its usefulness is far outweighed

Agents to control this dreaded weed work well in labs, need to be taken to fields congress grass or parthenium, a native of tropical America, came to India accidentally in 1955. A rapidly growing invasive species, this grass competes well for nutrients and space and reproduces fast. One of the world

Talk about weeds changing labour market Vandana Khobragade, a small farmer, knew the wheat and chickpea growing on her half hectare farmland needed weeding. But she could not afford to pay Rs 50 a day for labour to farm hands in her village Matkazari in Maharashtra

Utility, too, lies in the eyes of the beholder THERE is a sweet irony in farm labourers earning from harvest and sale of weeds

Chandigarh: Housing a number of enclosed spaces, the maintenance of green spaces assumes prime importance in Sector 28.

Stretching from those adjoining the V-3 roads to inside the sector, the green spaces are in need of some serious sprucing up.

They are good for pollinators WEEDS have invariably been considered unwanted by modern agriculturists who have always laid emphasis on their removal. They affect crops by competing for nutrients. India loses an estimated 30 per cent of its crop yield every year due to weeds. This is more than the damage wreaked by pathogens like fungi, bacteria and viruses (16 per cent) or by insects

The present work reports on the habitat characteristics of some weeds of pulses crop field. Reported weeds are more adapted in the Gangetic alluvium soil under certain climatic factors.

Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary, with an area of 10.04 km2, is situated on the right bank of the Ujh river in district Kathua, J&K State. The mammals of Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary represent 4.3% of the total mammals (372 species) recorded by Hossetti

South Asia's endangered Great One-horned Rhinoceros is being driven out of its natural habitat in search of food into the hands of illegal poachers, experts said on Thursday.

The ability for heavy metals removal by C. odorata and V. zizanioides grown on contaminated soil and synthetic contaminated soil in experimental pots was investigated. Both contaminated and uncontaminated soils, for preparing the synthetic contaminated soil in this study, were obtained from Mae Sot district, Tak province.