With Russia blowing hot and cold on ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, the ninth conference of parties COP 9 to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC was reduced to a near non event. The meeting held in Milan, Italy, from December 1 12 and

It has become difficult to find frogs and toads in Assam

from April to August this year, almost 300 children fell prey to malnutrition in just two blocks Akkalkua and Taloda of Maharashtra s Nandurbar district

Even as Europe reels under an unprecedented heat wave, US President George Bush remains unconvinced about the harsh reality of climate change. On July 24 he launched a 10 year research programme, which will study long term global climate variability and c

The tax liability of New Zealand s farmers is set to rise because their bovine assets hold your breath belch and break wind!

Global warming will wreck Bangladesh

It’s hard to picture paddy fields without water puddles. But by draining flooded rice fields for two days before the flowering stage, methane emissions can be reduced by as much as 56 per cent. Significantly, draining deprives methane-producing microorgan

russia has refused to toe the us line on Kyoto Protocol

Contradictory state of affairs in two Uttaranchal villages highlights both potential and obstacles of organic farming. The paradox has cropped up despite two ongoing government run programmes in the hill state to propagate the process...

A WTO meeting of ministers is hailed as a success