We find that the European Union's proposed directive on carbon-capture 'readiness', as reported in your News story 'Europe to capture carbon', is unacceptable (Nature 451, 232; 2008).

Meteorologist and biosphere scientist Carlos Nobre of Brazil's National Institute for Space Research in S

It represents half of the world's rainforest and is home to one-third of Earth's species, yet the Amazon has one of the highest rates of deforestation : a report.

With the right infrastructure, the forces threatening to destroy the world's trees could be their salvation. (Editorial) March 13, 2008

The Tibet

Scientists and policy-makers will meet in Bonn this June to discuss one of the most pressing concerns to come out of December's United Nations climate meeting

An international collaboration to study insects in the Western Ghats mountains in southern India has been unable to get off the ground because of government concerns over biopiracy.

High-resolution speleothem records from China have provided insights into the factors that control the strength of the East Asian monsoon.

Deposits in a Chinese cave tell the story of the region 's climate stretching back more than 200,000 years, well past the last interglacial warm period

For years the global malaria effort has been asking for more resources.Now the field needs to figure out a systematic strategy for spending the money effectively.