The state minister rejected the REHAB’s request for fixing the commercial price rate of electricity for developers during construction of buildings

Environmentalists have warned that vast stretches of coastal arable land in Bangladesh may become barren because of an alarming rise in salinitydue toa climate change-triggered rise in sea level.

The communications minister would chair the board and the BBA executive director would be its chief

The prime minister yesterday gave the instructions at a meeting with the minister

Fish eggs and spawns are ruined due to excessive use of fertilsers and insecticides in the crop field and industrial wastages flowing through the rivers

Study predicted farmers of Bagerhat, Dinajpur, Maulvibazar, Panchagarh, Rangpur, Sirajganj and Thakurgaon would face a 30% loss in the production of Aman by 2030

Power Division under the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources formed a “coal club” yesterday.

Bangladesh has secured 130th position, higher than India and Pakistan, in a list ranking the countries that are the best places for a mother and her children to be living in.

20 lakh to 50 lakh people will migrate due to riverbank erosion, 30 lakh to 60 lakh due to inland flooding and 50 lakh to 70 lakh due to coastal storm surges

A 15-member team of the National Food Safety Laboratory, with support from the FAO came up with the findings after collecting and testing food samples from the capital’s Gulshan, Karwanbazar and Mo