CSE has analysed all major studies on impact of the waste dumped within & outside the Union Carbide site, concluded that there is large-scale contamination in the soil & water of the area and released this action plan for ridding the site of contamination in five years.

Badly designed cities promote wrong travel choices, leading to warming and pollution: CSE

India only major vehicle producing country in the world without fuel saving standards for cars. By 2030, India will be importing 94 per cent of its crude oil. But the country is making no serious efforts to prepare a fuel saving roadmap for all modes of transport, says CSE.

Wind power, seen as a green energy source, can exert substantial impacts on the ecology, says a report released by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). The report has documented the environmental impacts of wind power in many parts of the country including Maharashtra.

Wind power can exert substantial impacts on the ecology and needs strict regulations to manage its environmental impact says this report released by Centre for Science & Environment.

Smog digest is a news service on vehicular pollution based on news clippings selected from leading Indian newspapers and newsmagazine. It also highlights the key developments from South Asian countries. The months witnessed lots of action and developments on the vehicular pollution front in India.

Heavy rainfall has wreaked havoc on the region because of the fragile nature of the Himalayan range and poor soil stability in its steep slopes. But it is mand-made factors that have compounded the scale of the disaster. Read this special report by Down To Earth.

CSE in collaboration with TVE Asia Pacific (TVEAP) organised a three day South Asian workshop on "New Media for Strategic Communication in Development” from from 5 to 7 June 2013, at Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This paper intends to evaluate the legal and institutional protection available for the conservation of urban water bodies in India and in other parts of the world, particularly in the developed countries. The paper will also explore the technical tools for the management of water bodies.