US charges that India’s National Solar Mission is discriminating against foreign solar companies

Smog digest is a news service on vehicular pollution based on news clippings selected from leading Indian newspapers and newsmagazine. It also highlights the key developments from South Asian countries. The months witnessed lots of action and developments on the vehicular pollution front in India.

Of the 234 pesticides registered by the Central Insecticides Board and Registered Committee 59 do not have set MRLs, shows this CSE study on the state of pesticide regulations in India from a food safety perspective in the light of recommendations made by the Joint Parliamentary Committee.

Buses provide the bulk of public transport services in many Indian cities. Its share in daily travel in bigger cities can be as high as 40-60 per cent. Cities are looking at bus transport reforms to reduce auto mobile dependence, congestion, and pollution.

Buses will play a crucial role in the mobility transition in the big and medium rung cities. Cities need well managed, well organised modern buses that deliver efficient public transport services at affordable rates.

Capital subsidies for renewable energy, both off-grid and on-grid, have been abandoned in favour of some kind of generation based incentives or other financial instruments like soft loans in the case of off-grid solar in almost all parts of the world. The draft of JNNSM, Phase II continues this conservative approach to funding renewable energy projects, says CSE.

India should walk out of the Doha negotiations if equity is not made a part of the deal, says Sunita Narain in Doha. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and Ministry of Environment and Forests jointly organise a side event at CoP18 in Doha.

CSE has welcomed the SC proposal to tax diesel cars in Delhi. The proposal mooted in the court by amicus curae Harish Salve is based on report from Environment Pollution (Prevention & Control) Authority.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on Wednesday, 14th November, 2012 released the noise and air pollution data results in its annual press release just the next day after Diwali. The findings of the monitoring attributed the bursting of less noisy crackers for the declining trend in noise levels in Delhi vis-à-vis last year. Bangalore.

The dense smog which had been throttling Delhi for the past few days has lifted partially today, but it may come back with renewed vigour, as the factors causing it remain in force - warns Centre for Science and Environment (CSE).