This paper, prepared in support of the Major Economies Forum (MEF) Global Partnership by the International Energy Agency, seeks to inform decision making and prioritisation of RD&D investments and other policies to accelerate low-carbon energy technologies in the MEF and IEA member countries and others by providing three primary sets of information: estimated current levels of public RD&D spendin

JAIPUR: Experts attending a zonal consultation on bio-fuel for semi-arid eastern plains of Rajasthan here over the week-end called for evolving a balance between the commercial production of bio-fuel bearing plants such as jatropha and the use of common land, crucial for the rural poor, for their cultivation.

Bags of cash are being thrown at high-risk, high-reward research by the Department of Energy. New Scientist takes a look at the lucky recipients.

This report contains a detailed assessment of the status and potential for the development of biofuels in Cambodia and presents a country strategy for biofuels development

Despite the numerous benefits associated with cleaner alternatives, the transition to improved fuels and stoves has not progressed hugely in Sub-Saharan Africa. Why is it that so often, well designed, efficient and clean stoves fail to penetrate the market in developing countries?

Navigating Bioenergy is intended to give the reader an initial balanced view of eight selected topics: Jatropha

This report presents an assessment of the current and projected progress of EU Member States, EU candidate countries and other EEA member countries towards their respective targets under the Kyoto Protocol and of progress towards the EU target for 2020.

The world's airlines have agreed to new fuel efficiency and carbon emission targets which go much further than the levels required through regulation, an industry group said on Saturday.

Research on energy from nuclear, wind, tidal and biological origins gained great momentum but it needs special infrastructure facilities, whereas biofuels can be produced from a diverse set of crops. Each country is adopting a strategy that exploits the comparative advantages it holds in certain crops.

Filling your vehicle's tank with fuel made from algae is still as much as a decade away, as the emerging industry faces a series of hurdles to find an economical way to make the biofuel commercially.

Estimates on a timeline for a commercial product, and profits, vary from two to 10 years or more.