The Southern Action on Genetic Engineering (SAGE) has alleged that the ‘success story of Bt cotton' in the last 10 years is only a hype.

Climate change is altering the face of the Himalayas, devastating farming communities and making Mount Everest increasingly treacherous to climb, some of the world’s top mountaineers have warned.

Kolkata At a time when potato growers in the state are not getting a good price for their produce, the West Bengal government has asked them to shift focus to other cash crops like oilseeds and cor

A pilot study was conducted to assess the economic impact of weather forecast-based advisories issued to 15 of the 127 Agrometeorological Advisory Service (AAS) units of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India. Six seasons comprising three Kharif (summer) and three Rabi (winter) during 2003–2007 were chosen. The major crops chosen for the study included food grains, oilseeds, cash crops, fruit and vegetable crops. The sample set consisted of 80 farmers, comprising 40 responding and 40 non-responding farmers.

Rainfall patterns in southern Africa are becoming erratic as climate change takes its toll, threatening long-term production of staple and cash crops in the region.

KOKRAJHAR: The farmers of Janagaon, Titaguri under Titaguri Development Block expressed their strong resentment following the supply of unfit seeds to the farmers in Kokrajhar and demanded compensa

Wildfires are raging across central Texas, compounding drought that has caused $5.2bn in agricultural losses and led ranchers in the largest cattle-producing US state to rush to slaughter.

Rain-dependent areas, which account for 60% of India

The Tobacco Board has asked traders to procure more tobacco at higher prices to save farmers in Andhra Pradesh. Farmers in the state launched an agitation this month, seeking higher prices for the produce. This has led to the suspension of trade on six auction platforms in Prakasam district.

The production of food grains is projected to increase in the current fiscal year compared to last year.

According to the preliminary projections of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MoAC) released on Wednesday, the total production of food gains will increase by 11 percent this year.

The MoAC's projection also unveiled that the total cereal production (rice, maize, wheat, millet