NEW DELHI The tobacco industry is not only hazardous to society but it also exploits its workers by paying them meagre wages, especially women and children.

It is only 8 am, but India

UNLESS THE prices of vegetables skyrocket and become a scandal

Battered and shamed in the recent Lok Sabha polls and gaping at the cracks in its own front, Kerala's ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF) is going against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that India has signed with ASEAN. It formed a 550 km 'human chain' across the state to demonstrate its protest.

Opium cultivation in Afghanistan fell by 22 percent this year as prices for the drug tumbled causing farmers to switch to other crops, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

Scientists expect climate change to dramatically affect coffee production in Central America in the coming decades, but some lowland farmers in Guatemala say they are already feeling the effects.

GANDHINAGAR: Erratic and poor rains across Gujarat is spelling doom for the year's agricultural production. Sowing operations has been completed on a mere 24 lakh hectares of agricultural land, compared to a whopping 49 lakh hectare around this time last year.

Dilip Kumar Jha / Mumbai July 4, 2009, 0:42 IST

Encouraged by the government

Senna (Cassia angustifolia) a native of Saudi Arabia is now cultivated extensively in Western Rajasthan. The main advantage of the crop is that it does not require the application of any fertilizers and it is not devoured by insects, animals or birds. Also the plant is eco-friendly as it can be used for developing wastelands and does not require frequent irrigation.

Within a vast deforested area on Borneo island, Australia and Indonesia hope to turn an ecological disaster into a global lesson on how to help local communities save tropical forests and fight climate change.